Urban Poling Training for FAI

As an established Nordic walking manufacturer, distributor and educator, Urban Poling welcomes you to become a part of our 3,500+ team of instructors.  Plus as a partner with Urban Poling, FAI members receive special pricing on our online level 1 courses below! Contact us at info@urbanpoling.com for onsite group training and wholesale pricing on Urban Poles.

Urban Poling Online Instructor Certification

The Urban Poling Certification Course is a comprehensive course that teaches course participants the practical skills of Nordic walking and how to teach Nordic walking to others.

You will learn everything you need to know about the Urban Poling Nordic walking technique and be provided with all the materials, tools and support you require to provide one-on-one sessions, group classes and educational demonstrations.

Topics covered include:

  • The Urban Poling Nordic walking technique
  • How to teach the Urban Poling Nordic walking technique
  • Correcting poor technique
  • Warm-ups, cool-downs, high-intensity exercises and muscle conditioning
  • An introduction to the ACTIVATOR poles and walking technique (for balance)
  • Starting a series of classes
  • Starting your business
  • and more

This course is ideal for: group exercise instructors, personal trainers, recreation/wellness directors, health care professionals, and walking/hiking group leaders.

FAI Fee: 242.99 and includes a pair of poles (99.99 value)

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WalkUp with Diabetes Training Package

Regular physical activity helps to regulate blood glucose and increase insulin sensitivity. The more muscles that are used during exercise, the greater will be the benefits. This makes urban poling one of the best forms of fitness, as it uses 90% of the muscles and has the potential to burn up to 46% more calories, while providing both cardiovascular and strength training. Research shows that an activity such as urban poling has the potential to slow the progression of type 2 diabetes and even prevent onset all together. Urban poling may also be a great option for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as it is a safe mode of exercise which may reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Dr. Agnes Coutinho PhD

Training Package Includes:

• Urban Poling Online Certification Course
• walkUP for Diabetes Course (online)
• 1 pair of Urban Poling Spirit poles with snow baskets or Activator Poles for balance
• Urban Poling carry bag
• Diabetes lifestyle book (Karen Graham)
• Urban Poling Fitness Journal

FAI Cost: 314.99

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Train UP for 5km / 10 km Walk/Run Event

This level 2 course is a 10 week online training program for a 5km or 10 km Walk/Run Event includes detailed weekly training plans and loads of tips.  The course was developed by Trish Hunt, an experienced Vancouver Sun Run 10 km training clinic instructor.

Prerequisite:  Urban Poling Instructor Certification Course

Cost:  19.95

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Barb Gormley, Director of Education



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