Seniors’ Month – Start Something New

June 6, 2018 | By Urban Poling

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This June is Ontario’s 34th annual Seniors’ Month.  During this month, seniors across Ontario are recognized and communities are encouraged to hold events for seniors to be social and active.   This year’s theme is: “Now’s the time to start something new”.

Well if you have never heard about or tried Urban Poling aka Nordic Walking, it can be that something new that you start this June, that is both social and active!

Nordic Walking is a great activity for all ages that works out your whole body and burns more calories than a normal walk. For seniors, it has many health benefits that make it the perfect outdoor activity:

  • It promotes an upright posture and a normal walking pattern
  • The poles provide stability and balance that can be used in a fall prevention program for less active seniors
  • Nordic Walking works your core muscles as well as your cardio. The combination of the body workout with the cardio is the best way to control blood glucose levels, while the cardio aspect is great for your heart!
  • Nordic Walking takes pressure off knee and hip joints and helps with lower back pain, making it an easier walk but at the same time being better for you!

All these benefits make Nordic Walking an amazing outdoor activity for either already active seniors or less active.  Add some friends to walk with and you got your something new that is both social and active!

If you are senior try it out this June! If you aren’t, recommend it to a senior you know and even join in! It’s great for all ages!

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Urban Poling

Urban Poling

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