Pump it UP for World Heart Day

September 29, 2017 | By Urban Poling

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Did you know that physical inactivity is a modifiable risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)? Well, today (September 29th) is World Heart Day and Urban Poling Inc. is so glad to play an active role in minimizing CVD risk globally!

Nordic Walking is researched backed to get your heart pumping. In addition, it is one of the most accessible forms of fitness! Urban Poles/ACTIVATOR™ neatly collapse and can easily be taken on the go. Not to mention, just by adding poles you can maximize your average walk by burning up to 46% more calories and using nearly 90% of your body’s muscles. This results in improved exercise capacity, decreased resting heart rate & blood pressure and improved blood lipid profiles1.

Don’t wait for the New Year to start making lifestyle changes; put your heart first TODAY! Besides, there is no better day to show your heart some love then on #WorldHeartDay!

Find out more about World Heart Day.

1 Active Living for Cardiac Health




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Urban Poling

Urban Poling

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