Secrets of Success, Level 2

Ten of Urban Poling’s star instructors share their ideas and experiences on class design, pricing, selling poles, attracting participants and more. Course includes customizable flyer templates to help your promote your classes.

Course includes:

• 45-minute audio course and summary
• 5K and 10K training schedule
• Flyer templates: 3-panel flyer; Participant Certificate, sample class formats and pricing; class/clinic handout.

Presenters: Barb Gormley, personal trainer, health/fitness writer and director of Education for Urban Poling Inc.; and Mandy Shintani, occupational therapist and co-owner of Urban Poling Inc.

Cost: Free with Urban Poling Instructor Certification Course. You will be provided with a coupon code to take this course upon registration for the instructor course.

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Provide variety in your routine, try double poling

Use the standard rhythm and technique, but swing both arms forward at the same time planting the boot tips slightly behind the handles. Then, keeping your arms straight, press down on the base of the handles, walk between your poles and feel your arms extend past your thighs and behind your body.
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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