Markets Insider:March of Dimes Canada and Urban Poling partner up for World Stroke Day!

September 29, 2017 | By Urban Poling

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Buy ACTIVATOR poles and donate to MODC’s Stroke Recovery Canada program

TORONTO, Sept. 28, 2017 /CNW/ – Did you know that over 200 independent studies on PubMed have found Nordic walking poles help you strengthen your core, improve your posture and balance, and provide a more intensive workout than traditional walking?

Stroke survivor Lynn Bellanger with her ACTIVATOR walking poles from Urban Poling. (CNW Group/March of Dimes Canada)This kind of physical activity can keep you strong and healthy, and help you recover after a stroke. That’s why, for the month of October, March of Dimes Canada is partnering with Urban Poling Inc. to promote active living with ACTIVATORâ„¢ poles.

For the entire month of October, 10% of any online purchase of ACTIVATORâ„¢ poles will go to March of Dimes Canada. You can also buy ACTIVATORâ„¢’s at any participating IDA or Guardian store, and donate $10 to MODC. With your donation, you’ll receive a free set of snow baskets to use your poles in the winter.

Most of us take walking for granted but, after a stroke, we may need extra support. That’s where ACTIVATORâ„¢ poles come in. Developed by a Canadian therapist, they provide stability and confidence for walking which is crucial to stroke recovery.

Stroke survivor Lynn Bellanger used ACTIVATORâ„¢ poles during her rehabilitation. “They are by far the most effective tool I’ve ever used,” says Bellanger. “Overall, they’ve been great for my rehab and my recovery.”

“My friends who first drove me to learn how to use the ACTIVATORâ„¢ poles still continue to join in, even though I can drive myself again,” adds Carol Agnew, another stroke survivor. “Nordic walking is just a fun form of exercise for us all!”

During the month of October and on World Stroke Day – Sunday, October 29 – some IDA and Guardian locations will host in-store information sessions on the benefits of active living with Urban Poles for stroke prevention & rehabilitation. Webinars outlining how to use ACTIVATORâ„¢ Poles for stroke survivors will also be available on the following dates: Tues. Oct. 3; Tues. Oct. 10; Wed. Oct. 25th. All these webinars are scheduled from 12:00 to 12:30 pm EST.

Health care professionals can find out how to use ACTIVATORâ„¢ poles as an innovative tool to improve outcomes for stroke recovery in a webinar on Wed. Oct. 4 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm EST.

Click here to register for any of these webinars and thank you to our partners at Urban Poling Inc, Guardian, and IDA.

Stroke survivors and their caregivers can also find support and resources through March of Dimes Canada’s Stroke Recovery Canada® program.

SOURCE March of Dimes Canada

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Urban Poling

Urban Poling

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