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Urban Poling is re-introducing a special offer for schools to save on purchasing Urban Poling equipment and instructor training. This offer will run until September 30, 2018.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to introduce Canada’s hottest new outdoor activity to your students, best described as cross-country skiing, without the skis!

Joe Clark School

Urban Poling was introduced to the students of École Joe Clark School in High River, Alberta in 2016 and they love it! The students’ response is that it is “just fun” and they feel no pressure to perform. The teachers appreciate that it allows the children to get a total body workout, while experiencing the outdoors. Read the full article from the High River Times here.

Lori Hildebrandt, physical education teacher with the Lois Riel School District in Winnipeg found that Urban Poling received two thumbs up from an all-girls high school physical education class: “The girls who tended to be less active and less interested in athletics really enjoyed this activity and its social aspect, while the more athletic class members got a lot out of it as well!”

They can be used for a range of running, jumping, and throwing activities and they combine perfectly with snowshoeing.   Urban Poling is also a fantastic employee wellness activity for school staff.

Below is a link to the order form for a class set of high quality Urban Poles (save 40%) that includes a storage bag, extra boot tips, and a FREE on-line instructor course for teachers valued at $189.99.  Order your class set today!

Check our “Find a Class” tab to locate an instructor who may be able to provide an introductory workshop.

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Going downhill

For moderately steep slopes, simply decrease the pressure on the base of the handles or drag your poles behind you. For steep slopes, keep your poles upright and in front and out to the side slightly, so if you do fall you won’t land on your poles. Bend your knees and elbows, and slow down any momentum. For long descents, it may be helpful to lengthen the poles.
Barb Gormley, Director of Education

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